Specialized Courses

 History of Modern International Relations3 Credits
 Comparative Politics3 Credits
 Introduction to International Security3 Credits
 Contemporary Western Political Thought3 Credits
 International Organizations3 Credits
 Introduction to International Relations Theory3 Credits
 Fundamentals of Social Science Statistics3 Credits


Elective Courses

 Selected English Language IR Readings2 Credits
 Science, Technology and International Security3 Credits
 American Politics and Foreign Policy3 Credits
 Foreign Policy3 Credits
 Chinese Foreign Policy3 Credits
 Japanese Studies3 Credits
 International Relations Classic Writings3 Credits
 International Economic Law3 Credits
 History of Modern International Relations3 Credits
 Introduction to International Political Economy3 Credits
 Contemporary Sino-US Relations3 Credits
 Theory and Practice of Democracy and Rule of Law3 Credits
 Area Studies2 Credits
 Practice of Foreign Policy2 Credits
 Chinese Government and Politics2 Credits
 War and Peace Studies2 Credits
 Introduction to International Relations2 Credits
 Introduction to Non-Traditional Security2 Credits
 Security and Economics2 Credits