Associate Professors


Name: Xing Yue      Sex: Female      Year of Birth: March, 16, 1969

Current Status: Ph.D.; Associate Professor of Department of International Relations of Tsinghua University, Director of Center for Chinese Foreign Policy, Tsinghua University

Add: Room 307, Ming Zhai, Department of International Relations, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China

PC: 100084

Tel: 8610—62788801(O),8610—62777000(O)

Fax: 8610—62773173



Interests and Areas of Current Research:

IR Theory, Cultures in International Relations, American Foreign Policy, China’s Foreign Policy, China-U.S. Relations.

Teaching Courses:

World politics and International Economy, American Government and Politics, American Foreign Policy, Analysis of China’s Foreign Policy, Theory of International Relations,;


Educational background:

1997—2002, Ph.D., in International Politics, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China

1992—1995, M. A., in Modern World History, Shanxi University, Shanxi, China

1988---1992, B. A., in the English Litrature, Shanxi University, Shanxi, China

Jan., 2000---June, 2000 visiting scholar in Fairbank Center for East Asia Studies, Harvard University;


Professional Experience:

2002,--- present, Associate Professor of Department of International Relations and Institute of International Studies, Tsinghua University;

2004---2007, Director of Center of Weilun Academic Exchange, Tsinghua University;

Oct., 2003, representative of China for 2003 Global Youth Exchange Program held in Japan

1995---2002, Assistant Professor of Institute of International Studies, Tsinghua University;


Main works and Publications:

How does Culture Affect Foreign Policy? A case study of USA, Peking University Press (Beijing, China), 2011.

The Introduction to International Relations, Peking University Press(Beijing, China), 2011.

Selected Reading of Culture in International Relations, ed., Tianjin Renmin Press (Tianjin, China), 2011

The Introduction of International Relations: Theory, History and Reality, Fudan University Press (Shanghai, China), 2008.

Responsible Power: Theory, History and Reality, Fudan Review of International Relations, No.8, 2008.

New Identity, New Interests and New Foreign Policy, Studies of China’s foreign policy from the perspective of constructivism, Contemporary International Relations, No.11, 2006;

Rethinking of the “Hide our Capabilities and bide our aim” (taoguangyanghui) Strategy: on how to construct China’s international image, World Review, No.6, 2006

Analysis of Neo-liberal Institutionalism, World Economy and Politics, No.11, 2005

The Importance of Culture in American Foreign Policy, Journal of Tsinghua University (Philosophy and Social Science) , No.5, 2004;

The Importance of Ideology in Foreign Policy, Journal of Pacific, No.3, 2004;

The Relations between IR Theories and their Application, World Economy and International Politics, No.7, 2004;

The Restrictive Role of Culture in American Foreign Policy, Contemporary International Relations, No.11, 2003;

The Morality and Interests of American Foreign Policy: From a Perspective of Culture, Journal of Development and Research, Tsinghua University, No.7, 2003;

Subjectivity and Objectivity of National Interests, World Economy and International Politics, NO.4, 2003;

Ideology and International Relations, World Affairs, No.21, 2002;

The Importance of Culture in Foreign Policy, Journal of Pacific, No.3, 2002;

The Role of Culture in Foreign-policy Making, International Forum, No.6, 2002;

The Relations of Cultural Values and National Interests in Foreign Policy, Academic Forum, No.6, 2002;

The Making of International Regime and the Role of China in the World, World Affairs, No.6, 2002;

Foreign and Domestic Policy of Bush Administration, Current Affairs, High Education Publisher, No.7, 2001;


Academic Awards

2002, won prize of “Excellent Young Teacher of Tsinghua University” by Tsinghua University;

2001, won “Enterprising Fund for Outstanding Dissertations” by Tsinghua University;

2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, won the title of “Advanced person” by Tsinghua Trade Union;

1999, the co-translated book “Negotiating Cooperation: the United States and China (1969~1989)”won prize of “Excellent Works” by the organization of World Peace in China.


Ph.D./Associate Professor

Mailing Address:

Xinzhai 253, Institute of International Studies, Tsinghua University , Beijing 100084


Ph. D., Tsinghua University (2002); MA, Remin University of China (1996); BA, Peking University (1991)


Phone: 62788801


sunxuefengDr. Sun Xuefeng is assistant professor of Institute of International Studies at Tsinghua University and an editor of Chinese Journal of International Politics.

He received his Ph.D of international relations from Tsinghua University in 2006, M.A. of international relations from the Institute of International Relations in 2000 and B.A. of International Politics from Institute of International Relations in 1997. His current research focuses on the rise of great powers, international relations theory and the empirical methods of international studies.

He is the author of dozen of academic papers in Chinese Journal of International Politics, World Economics and Politics etc , the co-author of two books, Practical Methods of International Studies 2 nd edition (2007) and The Grand Strategy of China's Rise (2005) and the co-translator of Contending Theories of International Relations (2003) .


Address: Room 244, Xinzhai, Institute of International Studies, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China 100084.

Tel: 86-(0)10-62788801

Fax: 86-(0)10-62773173

Email: ;


Zhao Kejin was born in Changle County, Shandong Province in May 1975. Now, He is an Associate Professor in Institute of International Studies and Deputy Director of Center for Sino-US Relations at Tsinghua University. From August 2000 to July 2005, he studied in School of International Relationship and Public Affairs, Fudan University, followed by Prof. Sun Zhe and Prof. Ni Shixiong and got a Ph.D on international Relationship Studies. From July 2005, he has beginning his new work in Center for American Studies, Fudan University. And since 2009, he has moved to Tsinghua and started his new teaching and researching life in Beijing. His research is mainly focusing on US Government and Politics, Comparative political system, Political Marketing and Chinese Diplomatic institutions.

Address: 27 Shengyin Yuan, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China, 100084

Tel:86-10-62794307   E-mail:

During working and studying, he has published more than 40 papers on the National core academic journals and also written many books such as The Institutional Study on U.S. Congressional Lobbing Activities, Global Civil Society and Nation State and so on.

Books(Monograph and Translation )

Zhao Kejin, Political Marketing: An Introduction, Shanghai: Fudan University Press, 2008

Zhao Kejin, Public Diplomacy: Theory and Practice

Zhao Kejin, Ni Shixiong: Theoretical Research of China's International Relations, Fudan University Press

Zhao Kejin, Building the Future: The Institutional study on U.S. Congressional Lobbing Activities,Shanghai: Fudan University Press, 2005.

Sun Zhe, Zhao Kejin eds., American Congressional Studies, Vol. 2, Fudan University Press



Tu Yichao and Zhao Kejin, "Religious Diplomacy and its Operating Mechanism", World Economics and Politics, Vol.3,2009

Tu Yichao, Zhao Kejin, "Religious Diplomacy and its Operating Mechanism", World Economics and Politics, Vol. 2, 2009

Zhao Kejin,"New Geo2theory in Globalization Era",Tsinghua Joural,No.5,2008

Zhao Kejin,"The Rise of Political Marketing in t he United States",America Studies, No.2,2008

Zhao Kejin,"Modern Diplomacy and the Trend of Democratization",World Economics and Politics, No.1,2008

Zhao Kejin,"Summit Diplomacy and It's Future Trend",Teaching and Research,No.12,2007

Zhao Kejin,"Middle Election and America Political Tendency",inFudan American Review(VI),Shishi Press,2007

Zhao Kejin,"A Disussion of India's Lobbying Diplomacy in Washington Centeredon'Indo-American Civil Nuclear Agreement'",South Asian Studies Quarterly,No.4,2007

Zhao Kejin,"World's Anti-Americanism and Its Destiny",International Politics Studies,No.1,2007

Zhao Kejin,"The Challenge and Transformation of Modern Diplomatic Institutions in Globalization Time",Foreign Affairs Review,No.6,2006

Zhao Kejin,"The Think Tanks in America's Foreign Policy",Social Survey,No.8,2006

Zhao Kejin,"Global Civil Society and the Just Issues in the World Politics",International Survey,No.4,2006

Zhao Kejin,"Multilateralism, From Old to New:A Theoretical Study of the Transformation of International International Insititutions",World Economy and World Politics,No.7,2006

Zhao Kejin,"The World's Anti-Americanism Phenomenon and Its Tendency",inFudan American Review(V),Shishi Press,2006

Zhao Kejin,"Japan's Libby Activities in America",inFudan American Review(V),Shishi Press,2006

Zhao Kejin and Ni Shixiong,"The Influence of Liberalism on the Foreign Policy of U.S.A.",Fudan Journal,No.2,2006

Zhao Kejin,"Globalization Theory: A Humanities Perspective",in The New Perspectives of International Relations Theory,Wenhui Press

Zhao Kejin,"The Developing Sino-U.S. Relations",inAsia's Road in the 21th Century,Fudan University Press

Zhao Kejin,"Public Diplomacy:Globalization and the New Development of Diplomacy ideas",in The Theory and Practice of International Relaitons,Beijing:Shishi Press

Zhao Kejin,"Some Considerations of How to Lobby in America Congress",inAmerica Congress and Taiwan Issue,Shanghai:Fudan University Press

Zhao Kejin,"Liberalism and the Tendency of America Foreign Policy",inLiberalism and America Foreign Policy,Shanghai:Sanlian Press

Zhao Kejin,"Hard-diplomacy and Softlanding:The Emergence and Infulence of China's New Diplomacy Thinking",International Survey,No.5,2005

Zhao Kejin,"The Lobby Activities of Taiwan Authorities in America Congress",inAmerica Congress and Taiwan Issue,Shanghai:Fudan University Press 2005

Zhao Kejin and Ni Shixiong,"Historical Studies of Sovereignty and Its Future Reformation",Teaching and Research,No.10,2005

Zhao Kejin,"Military Alliance and Its Life-force",Pacific Journal,No.4,2005

Zhao Kejin,"Marxism and Present International Politics",in Beyond Westphalia,Beijing:Current Affairs Press

Zhao Kejin,"New Imperialism and Global Republic Order",in Beyond Westphalia,Beijing:Current Affairs Press

Zhao Kejin,"The Theoretical Logic of Offensive Realism and Its Critique",Fudan Journal,No.5,2004

Zhao Kejin,"U.S.Military-Industrial Complex and Formulation of the U.S.Foreign Policy",Peace and Development,No.3,2004

Zhao Kejin,"Media Diplomacy and Its Operating Mechanism",World Economics and Politics,No.4,2004

Zhao Kejin,"The Rise of U.S.Public Diplomacy",Fudan Journal,No.3,2003

Zhao Kejin,"The Congress Committee and America Foreign Policy Making",International Survey,No.5,2003

Ren Xiao,Zhao Kejin and Cheng Shuaihua,"Ideology and Foreign Policy",World Economics and Politics,No.2,2002

Zhao Kejin and Zhu Jinping,"The 'Soft Money Revolution'in Americaps Campaign Financing",America Studies,No.1,2003

Zhao Kejin,"American Democracy and Congress Lobby: A Institutional Analyse",International Survey,No.5,2002

Sun Zhe,Wang Yiwei and Zhao Kejin,"U.S.Research on: New Pivot Point of American Studies",Fudan Journal,No.2,2003



Zhao Kejin,"The Backside of Leaning to One Side" , 08-10-28

Zhao Kejin:"Using Conscience to Advance China's Reputation" , 08-05-27

Zhao Kejin:"International Observation: Learn from Western to Promote China" , 08-03-28







Cornell University

Doctor of Philosophy in Government, January 2008

Major Field: Comparative Politics Minor Field: International Relations

Dissertation: Regulating Market Order in China : Economic Ideas, Marginal Markets and the State

Master's of Government, 2003


The Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies ( SAIS ) Master of Arts in Latin America and China Studies and International Economics, 1997


The University of Puget Sound Bachelor of Arts in


Politics and Government, 1993







(Non-Degree Programs)


The Institute for Qualitative Research MethodsJanuary 6-17, 2003, Cornell University Government Department Delegate


Arizona State University ; Tempe , Arizona

Inter-University Program (IUP) for Chinese Language Studies(Administered by The University of California , Berkeley ) September 2001-June 2002, Certificate in Chinese Language Studies



Tsinghua University ; Beijing , China

The Hopkins-Nanjing Center for Chinese and American Studies(Co-Administered by The Johns Hopkins University and Nanjing University )September 2000-June 2001, Certificate in Chinese Studies



Nanjing University ; Nanjing China

Middlebury College Chinese Summer Language ProgramJune 2000-August 2000, Third-Year Chinese


Middlebury , VT

Cornell University Writing Program, ¡°Writing in the Majors¡± Teacher's Assistants' ColloquiumSeptember 1999-December 1999, Certified as Teaching Assistant for Honors ¡°Writing in the Majors¡± Program


Ithaca , NY

Cornell University Full-Year Asian Language Concentration (FALCON)Chinese Summer Language ProgramJune 1999-August 1999, Completed Second-Year Chinese Language Program



Ithaca , NY




Humane Studies Fellow, Institute for Humane Studies , 2006-07

Mellon Dissertation Completion Grant, Cornell University , 2004-05

Fulbright-Hays Doctoral Dissertation Research Fellowship, US Department of Education , 2003-04

Fulbright Graduate Fellowship, Institute of International Education, 2003-04 ( Declined )

Harvard-Yenching Fellowship , Harvard University , 2003-04 ( Declined )

Graduate School Research Travel Grant, Cornell University , Spring 2003

David L. Boren Graduate Fellowship, National Security Education Program (NSEP) , 2002-03

Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowship, Cornell University , 2002-03 ( Declined )

Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowship, Cornell University , Spring 2002

Full Tuition Fellowship, Inter-University Program (IUP) for Chinese Language Studies , Spring 2002

David L. Boren Graduate Fellowship , National Security Education Program (NSEP) , 2000-01

Hassenfeld Fellowship , The Johns Hopkins-Nanjing University Center for Chinese and American Studies , 2000-01 ( Declined )

Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowship, Cornell University , 2000-01 ( Declined )

Summer Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowship , Cornell University , 2000

Summer Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowship , Cornell University , 1999

Sage Fellowship, Cornell University , 1998-99

Don Johnston Fellowship , The Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies ( SAIS ) , 1996-97

Honors Graduate in Politics and Government, The University of Puget Sound , 1993

Magna Cum Laude Graduate, The University of Puget Sound , 1993

Best Senior Seminar Paper in Modern Political Thought , The University of Puget Sound , 1993

Outstanding Student Achievement Award, The University of Puget Sound Alumni Association , 1993

Phi Beta Kappa, The University of Puget Sound , 1993

Lowry Wyatt Fellowship , The University of Puget Sound , 1992

Harry S. Truman Graduate Fellowship, Harry S. Truman Foundation , 1992 ( Used at SAIS , 1995-97 )

Phi Kappa Phi, The University of Puget Sound , 1992

Pleneurethics Scholarship , The University of Puget Sound , 1991

Trustee Fellowship , The University of Puget Sound , 1989-93




Assistant Professor: Tsinghua University , Department of International Relations Beijing , China

May 2008-Present


Visiting Professor: Northwestern University , Contemporary Chinese Political Economy Beijing , China

July-August 2008; July-August 2009

Designed and taught an undergraduate lecture course on domestic Chinese political economy since 1978 for 60 undergraduate study abroad students from Northwestern.


Teacher: Alliance for Global Education , Issues in Contemporary Chinese Society and Culture and Beijing , China

 China 's Economic Development: 1978 to the Present ¨C and Beyond¡±

January 2007-June 2008

Designed and taught courses for American undergraduates studying in Beijing . Classes consisted of lecture and

discussion of contemporary social, economic and political issues in China . Supervised students' independent

Capstone¡± research projects and led course field trips to complement classroom study.


Teacher: Alliance for Global Education , The 2008 Beijing Olympics: Challenges and Opportunities Beijing , China

June-August 2008

Designed and taught a course for American undergraduates about the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Lectured and led discussions about the history of China 's involvement in the Olympics and about a range of social, political and economic challenges and opportunities involved in hosting the Olympic Games.


Analyst: Oxford Analytica Oxford , England

August 2008-Present

Wrote political risk analysis briefs about domestic Chinese political and economic topics relevant to range of corporate clients. Analyzed the impact of Chinese intellectual property rights regime, its anti-monopoly law as well as China-Latin American economic and strategic ties.


Analyst: American Chamber of Commerce China Beijing , China

December 2008-Present

Wrote regional business climate surveys for the annual AmCham White Paper. Conducted original survey research of American firms in the Yangtze and Pearl River Deltas and drafted policy proposals to be presented to the Chinese and American governments.


Writing in the Majors¡± Teaching Assistant: Cornell University , Junior Honors Seminar Ithaca , NY

January 2000-May 2000

Responsible for assisting students with their written work and providing them with detailed feed-back . Also responsible for leading one session of the course on the art of conducting research on and in authoritarian states.


Teaching Assistant: Cornell University , Introduction to Comparative Politics Ithaca , NY

September-December 1999

Responsible for leading discussion sections, assisting students with course papers and evaluating students' written work.


Faculty Assistant: Cornell University , Latin American Political Economy Ithaca , NY

January-May, 1999

Responsible for evaluating students' written work.


Teacher : Cascadilla Preparatory School Ithaca , NY

August 1997-December 1998

As director of the social studies program , taught four separate courses: U.S. History and Government , Government and Economics , and the two-course Global Studies series. Responsible for course organization, syllabus design, homework assignments and student evaluation. Each course averaged 5 students and was on an accelerated schedule, compressing a normal year-long high school course into an intensive one-semester seminar.


Research Assistant : Government Department, Cornell University Ithaca , NY

June-August 1997

Assisted Professor Valerie Bunce in the completion of the research for her book Subversive Institutions and in the preparation of course materials for both her undergraduate and graduate comparative politics courses.


Research Assistant : Overseas Development Council (ODC) Washington , D.C.

September 1996-May 1997

Researched and wrote briefings for Congressional staff on international development issues and U.S. relations with the developing world. Examples of research projects include a review of the domestic and hemispheric impacts of NAFTA, African democratization, and the efficacy of sanctions as a foreign policy tool. Tracked legislation, attended Congressional hearings and collected Congressional testimony.


Summer Research Fellow: SAIS Latin American Studies Program Lima , Peru

May 1996 to August 1996

Conducted independent research on the burgeoning political and economic relationship between Peru and China . Interviewed government officials, scholars, and businesspeople; attended academic and governmental conferences; and conducted research at the University of the Pacific in Lima , as well as other research institutes.


Research Assistant: SAIS Latin American Studies Program Washington , D.C.

September 1995 to May 1996

Researched, documented and edited scholarly journal articles on the Andean region for Professor Marc Chernick. Reviewed and summarized Spanish language publications from Colombia and Ecuador for the Library of Congress.

Research Assistant: National Security Archive (NSA) Washington , D.C.

October 1995 to May 1996

Built a detailed chronology of the Clinton Administration's policy toward Cuba for Peter Kornbluh, the Director of the NSA Cuba Documentation Project. Identified and contacted key media and governmental officials involved in covering and implementing U.S. foreign policy toward Cuba .


English Teacher: Harvard Institute for International Development: WorldTeach Cuenca , Ecuador

September 1993 to July 1994

Instructed beginning, intermediate and advanced English courses. Formulated an advanced TOEFL preparation class and led seminars designed to help teachers enhance student participation in the classroom.


Researcher: Northwest Institute for Cooperative Education Beijing and Jilin City , China

July 1992 to August 1992

Traveled throughout the Beijing area and also within Manchuria to the Russian-North Korean border while conducting research on the Tumen River Valley Special Economic Zone. Conducted interviews with economic and political officials, businesspeople and residents of Jilin Province about their participation in the new economic zone.




Enhancing China-Latin America Economic Relations (with Alicia Garcia-Herrero)

Caijing, October 20, 2009 ( )


'Hayek and the Battle for ‘Market Order' in China  Universities Service Centre, Chinese University of Hong Kong

Prepared for the ¡°Graduate Seminar on China , January 11-15, 2005

Drawing on the work of Friedrich Hayek as an increasingly focal point of debate, this paper will analyze Chinese intellectual and elite official debates about whether markets and market interactions provide a natural, ¡°spontaneous order¡± conducive to social and political stability or whether they are inherently destabilizing.


'Market Order' and the Governance of the Informal Economy in Nanjing Hong Kong Baptist University

Prepared for the International Conference on Globalization, The State, and Urban Transformation in China 

December 15-17, 2003

Paper argued that understanding conflict between petty entrepreneurs and market management officials in the city of Nanjing, China required a focus on the difference between migrant and laid-off worker street vendors and their interaction with the under-studied but increasingly important base-level ¡°street offices.¡± Paper also argued that street level interactions between local officials and petty entrepreneurs are a function of larger intellectual and policy debates about the nature of markets and the state's proper role in regulating market interactions.


The City Appearance Police and Market Order in Nanjing , China Arizona State University

Prepared for the Institute for Qualitative Research Methods, January 6-17, 2003

This was a research proposal that focused on the qualitative methodology issues involved in designing a field research plan to understand the contentious interactions between street vendors and City Appearance Bureau officials in Nanjing , China .


Keeping the Party in Business: Hegemonic Parties, Economic Reform Cornell University

and the State In Mexico and China 

Prepared for Latin American Political Economy , Spring 2000

Paper argued that hegemonic parties in Mexico and China (the PRI and the CCP, respectively), parties that had originally been formed to promote the interests of workers and peasants, began in the 1980s to champion the cause of economic liberalization in an effort to reconfigure their respective political economies and, in the process, to reconstitute the state itself.¡±


The Political Economy of Foreign Investment and Soft Budget Constraints : Cornell University

The Case of a Chinese Multinational Operating in the Red

Prepared for The Political Economy of Market Reform , Spring 1999, Cornell University

Paper based in part on research conducted during the summer of 1996 in Peru . The paper argues that the political logic of market reform in China has allowed some firms to be able to make international investment decisions without a hard budget constraint, thus leading to increased opportunities for managers to exploit state resources with minimal government supervision.


Shougang: The Case of Chinese Investment in Peru  George Washington University

Prepared for The Pacific Affairs Study Society Student Conference on East Asian Studies, April 25, 1997

Paper and presentation based on research conducted in ¡°China Research Seminar at SAIS , building on research conducted in Peru from May to August 1996. Focused on commercial relations between Peru and China and the process of state-owned enterprise reform in both countries.


Peru and the Pacific Rim: Prospects and Obstacles for Growth Johns Hopkins SAIS

SAIS Latin American Studies Program

Article based on research conducted in Lima , Peru during the summer of 1996. The article has been published on the official SAIS Latin American Studies Program home page on the World Wide Web at . Paper focuses on historical and contemporary commercial and diplomatic relations between Peru and East Asia .


Strange Bedfellows in the Tumen River Delta: Portland State University

National Interest and Regional Cooperation in Post-Cold War Northeast Asia 

Prepared for the Fifth Conference of Asia and International Experts, May 7, 1993

Co-authored paper based on field research conducted in the Tumen River Delta in July and August 1996. Research focused on the development of the Tumen River Special Economic Zone and the initiative by the United Nations Development Programme to foster economic cooperation between China , Russia and North Korea .




Chinese (Mandarin)





Professor Vivienne Shue, Oxford University :

Professor Richard Bensel, Cornell University :


PANG Xun is an associate professor in the Department of International Relations, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China. She gained her Ph.D. in political science at Washington University in St. Louis, USA, and then served as a tenure-track assistant professor of Politics at Princeton University for two years from 2010 to 2012. Her research and teaching interests are centered around political methodology, Bayesian statistics, Markov Chain Monte Carlo simulation, international and comparative political economy.


Current Academic Appointment

Associate Professor, Department of International Relations, Tsinghua University. 2012–

Previous Academic Appointment 

Assistant Professor (tenure track), Department of Politics, Princeton University. 2010–2012

Professional Activities

Associate Editor, World Politics. 2011-

Section Head of International Political Economy, 70th Annual Midwest Political Science Association Conference. 2012

Diversity Committee Member, The Society for Political Methodology, Methodology Section of American Political Science Association. 2011-2012

Best Poster Award Committee Member, The Society for Political Methodology, Methodology Section of American Political Science Association. 2009

Graduate Student Associate, Center for Applied Statistics, Washington University in St. Louis. 2008- 2010

Graduate Student Associate, Center for Empirical Research in the Law, School of Law, Washington University in St. Louis. 2009-2010

Social Science Computing Facility Statistical Consultant, Washington University in St. Louis. 2006-2009

Mailing List Editor, The Society for Political Methodology, Methodology Section of American Political Science Association. 2009-2010



Ph.D., Political Science, Washington University in St. Louis

M.A., Political Science, Washington University in St. Louis

M.A., Political Science, Peking University, Beijing, China

B.A., Political Science and Economics, Peking University, Beijing, China


Honors & Grants


The John T. Williams Dissertation Prize by the Society for Political Methodology for the best dissertation proposal in political methodology, for “A Bayesian Probit Hierarchical Model with AR(p) Errors and Non-nested Clustering: Studying Sovereign Creditworthiness and Political Institutions”

The Society for Political Methodology Poster Award for the Best Poster presented at the 2008 Annual Meeting of the Society for Political Methodology, for “Binary and Ordinal Time Series with AR(p) Errors: Bayesian Model Determination for Latent High-Order Markov Processes”


The Mamdouha S. Bobst Center for Peace and Justice, Princeton University, Faculty Research Grant, December 2010-December 2011  

National Science Foundation Grant SES-0918320, “Doctoral Dissertation Research: Discrete Time-Series Cross-Section Models of Political Economy,” September 2009-August 2010

National Science Foundation Travel Support Award, annual conference of the Society for Political Method- ology, University of IIowa, Iowa City, July, 2010

National Science Foundation Travel Support Award, UseR annual conference, Rennes, France, July 8th- 11th, 2009

National Science Foundation Travel Support Award, annual conference of the Society for Political Method- ology, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, July, 2008

Dissertation Fellowship, Washington University in St. Louis, 2009-2010




Pang, Xun, Barry Friedman, Andrew D. Martin, and Kevin M. Quinn. “Endogenous Jurisprudential Regime.” Political Analysis, 2012.

Pang, Xun. “Modeling Heterogeneity and Serial Correlation in Binary TSCS Data: A Bayesian Multilevel Model with AR(p) Errors.” Political Analysis, 18 (4): 470-498.

Pang, Xun. “Overcome the Collective Action Problems in Providing International Public Goods.” World Economics and Politics, Issue 7, 2012 (In Chinese).

Pang, Xun. “International Political Environment and Energy Security.” International Political Science, No.2, 2007 (In Chinese).

Pang, Xun. “National Role and Foreign Policy Making: A Dynamic Analytical Framework.” Interna- tional Politics Quarterly, Issue 1, 2006, pp.133-143 (In Chinese).

Pang, Xun. “Risk-Taking Willingness: Decision Making in International Crises.” World Economics and Politics, Issue 1, 2005, pp.89-97 (In Chinese).

Pang, Xun (co-authored with Ye Zicheng). “Diplomatic Thoughts in Ancient China and Contemporary West: A Comparative Study.” World Economics and Politics, Issue 12, 2001 (In Chinese).


Conference Presentations and Invited Talks 

“International Systems and Domestic Politics: Linking Complex Theories with Empirical Models in International Relations.” (coauthored with Stephen Chaudoin and Helen V. Milner) 2012 annual meeting of the APSA (New Orleans, Louisiana, accepted).

“Explaining Sensitivity to International Pressures: A Bayesian Multilevel Model.” 2011 annual meeting of the APSA (Seattle, WA).

“Spike and Slab Prior Distributions for Simultaneous Bayesian Hypothesis Testing, Model Selection, and Prediction, of Nonlinear Outcomes.” (coauthored with Jeff Gill) University of Rochester, April 8, 2011

“A Bayesian Dynamic Factor-Residual Model for Spatial Dependence in Longitudinal Data.” New Methodologies and Their Applications in Comparative Politics and International Relations, 2011, Princeton, NJ

“Local Shocks and Cross-Sectional Dependencies in TSCS Data: A Bayesian Semi-Parametric Analysis.” 2010 annual meeting of the APSA (Washington, D. C. ).

“Bayesian Semi-Parametric Analaysis: Spillover Effect.” 2010 summer conference of the Society for Political Methodology (Iowa City).

“Modeling Units’ Sensitivity to System: Time-Specific Unit-Varying Effects in Generalized Linear Mul- tilevel Models.” 2010 annual meeting of the MPSA (Chicago).

“Endogenous Jurisprudential Regimes” (with Andrew Martin, Barr y Friedman, and Kevin Quinn). 2010 St. Louis Area Methods Meeting (St. Louis).

“Modeling Unbalanced Discrete Time-Series Cross-Sectional Data: Serial Dependence, Heterogeneity and Spatial Correlation.” 2009 APSA Annual National Conference (Toronto).

“Spike and Slab Priors for Bayesian Generalized Linear Models” (with Jeff Gill). Annual Summer Meeting of the Society for Political Methodology and APSA Methods Section, Yale University, July, 2009.

“Specifying Spike and Slab Prior Distributions for Bayesian Hypothesis Testing of Nonlinear Models” (with Jeff Gill). 2009 annual meeting of the MPSA Annual National Conference (Chicago).

“Intertemporal and Contemporal Dependence in Binary Time-Series Cross-Sectional Data: Bayesian Hierarchical Model with AR(p) Errors and Non-nested Clutering.”2009 annual meeting of the MPSA Annual National Conference (Chicago).

“IEA Energy Cooperation and Global Oil-Supply Disruption: Bayesian Probit-AR(p) versus Probit Model.” 2008 APSA Annual National Conference (Boston).

“Binary Time Series with AR(p) Errors: Bayes Factor for Lag Order Determination and Model Selection.” 2008 summer conference of the Society for Political Methodology (Ann Arbor).

“Stability of Cronyism and Sovereign Creditworthiness.” 2008 MPSA Annual National Conference (Chicago).


Software Development

GLMMarp: a CRAN R package for implementing the GLMM-AR(p) model developed in the dissertation project Dynamic Multilevel Analysis of Binary Time-Series Cross-Sectional Data in Political Economy.

SpikeSlab: an R package for implementing spike and slab priors for variable selection, model comparison and Bayesian model averaging in both linear and generalized linear setups. (with Jeff Gill)


Teaching Experience


Tsinghua University

Introduction to International Relations Research

Princeton University

Graduate Level

Applied Quantitative Analysis III: Panel Data and Multilevel Analysis, Princeton University, 2011, Fall

Applied Quantitative Analysis I: Probabilities and Statistics, Princeton University, 2011, Fall

Applied Quantitative Analysis IV: Bayesian Statistics, Princeton University, 2011, Spring

Undergraduate Level

Quantitative Analysis of International Politics, Princeton University, 2011, Fall

Applied Quantitative Analysis II: Linear and Generalized Linear Models, Princeton University, 2011, Spring

Washington University in St. Louis: International Politics, Washington University College summer course, May-June 2009


August 2009, R Bootcamp, School of Medicine, Washington University

November 2008, BUGS workshop, Center for Applied Statistics, Washington University

September 2008, R workshop, Center for Applied Statistics, Washington University

September 2008, LATEX workshop, Center for Applied Statistics, Washington University

March 2008, LATEX workshop, Center for Applied Statistics, Washington University


Professional Memberships

American Political Science Association

Midwest Political Science Association

Society for Political Methodology

Office: 86-10-6278-8801

Fax: 86-10-6277-3173

Office: 314 Mingzhai Hall