The fifth academic activity of this semester was held by the Developing Country Studies (DCS) Workshop in the Room 337bof Mingzhai Building from 11:45 to 13:15 on May 27.

XIE Chao a DCS doctoral student of grade 2012, gave a presentation on his working paper: Why India Go Nuclear Tests: Signaling, National Self-Esteem and Great Power Status, which studies the motives behind nuclear tests held by India in 1974 and 1998. In his working paper, XIE Chao puts forward an analyzing framework based on self-esteem and aggression theory and argues that India, as a state of high confidence and an unstable esteem, takes nuclear tests as an aggressive behavior to safeguard national self-esteem and improve its international status.

Professor PANG Xun, advisor of DCS, 6 DCS doctoral students of grade 2012 and 6 DCS doctoral students of grade 2013 attends this workshop.