Through years of effort, Tsinghua University 's Department of International Relations has made significant progress in the areas of social science research and education. I would like to begin by extending my profound thanks to the faculty, staff, donors, colleagues and students who have made this achievement possible.

In the era of globalization, the peoples of the world increasingly find their lives intertwined. How to maintain international peace, how to promote common growth and development, and how to realize the harmonious co-existence between diverse cultures have all become critical international questions. Meanwhile, the impact of China 's rise on the rest of the world is growing daily. As a Chinese research and educational institution, our Department has been working toward fulfilling the principles and promise of supporting China 's ascent and promoting global progress.

In the era of the information economy, scientific progress serves as another driving force behind both China 's rise and global development. Years of research have provided our Department with extensive experience in conducting social scientific analysis. Our Department will continue to deepen its commitment to social science inquiry and to furthering scientific advancements within the field of international relations.

In the era of competition for human resources, China 's rise and the overall progress of humanity also rely on the development of professional skills. China contains one fifth of the world's population. Achievements in China 's educational system not only foster China 's rise, but also the advancement of humanity as a whole. Due to its affiliation with a top-ranking Chinese university, our Department has a weighty responsibility to train leading specialists in the field of international relations. Our Department has established an ever growing social scientific research-based course system. Based on these achievements and principles, our Department is cultivating future international relations experts and members of the global community.

Our Department’s achievements would not have been possible without domestic and international support. Our Department will continue to strengthen cooperation and interaction with our academic colleagues, with policymakers, as well as with foundations and companies. With this diverse body of support, our Department is well positioned to continue to make new achievements and contributions.

-Shi Zhiqin