Department Overview:

Tsinghua University’s Department of International Relations was established in December 2007.  Its predecessor, Institute of International Studies (IIS), was founded in 1997. For more than a decade, IIS has witnessed a growing number of staff members and students and itself becoming increasingly influential both domestically and internationally. In 2003, IIS launched its Master and Ph.D programs in International Relations, and jointly with two other departments, a BA program in social sciences. In 2010, the Department launched an MA program in English.
Currently Department of International Relations operates four separate programs-- political science program, covering political theory and comparative politics program; international relations (IR) program, covering IR theory and the history of international relations; international political economy (IPE) program, covering IPE and comparative IPE; and foreign policy study program, covering theory of foreign affairs and Chinese foreign policy.
The department has a total of 20 faculty members, including 8 professors, 5 associate professors, 3 lecturers, and a number of post-doctoral fellows. All of them hold Ph.D. degrees and have conducted research or teaching in leading international universities or institutes. They are well-experienced and enthusiastic in teaching and research, and have achieved distinguished reputation both at home and abroad.
The department runs B.A., M.A. and Ph.D. programs offering 25 courses at the undergraduate level and 12 at the graduate level. Curriculums are designed according to the programs and standard of leading international universities, with a number of causes offered in English. Of which, Analysis of International Relations has won several national awards . 80% of the courses run have also been rated “excellent” by students.
The department has published popular textbooks such as Analysis of International Relations and Practical Research Methods for International Relations. Practical Research Methods for International Relations is a recommended reading by the Ministry of Education for all graduate students in China.
The department places emphasis on both academic performance and career development, committed to training students with a high level of professional quality, ethics and research capability. Its Ph.D program aims to facilitate the development of academic research skills, while its MA program is designed for students to apply what they learned more closely with their career. For undergraduates, the goal is for them to master the skill of learning and expand their knowledge and world vision.
After graduation, students typically seek jobs in universities, research institutes, government ministries, media outlets, and financial firms. Every year a number of graduates would continue  to complete further studies at top universities overseas.
Department of international relations has established working relations with many foreign universities, institutes and agencies. Visiting professors include government ministers, deputies and renowned academics.  The department also runs exchange programs with Columbia University, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, University of Texas at Austin, Institut d'Etudes Politiques, Heidelberg University, Sydney University, Taiwan National Chengchi University and other leading institutions.
With the rapid pace of globalization and the continuous progress made because of China’s policy of reform and opening, greater demands are being made of Chinese researchers of international relations and public affairs. The department is committed to bringing further reforms in order to strengthen academic research and training, encourage inter-disciplinary and inter-cultural dialogues and advance the reputation of Chinese international relations research in the world.