The fourth academic activity of this semester was held by the Developing Country Studies(DCS)Workshop in the Room 315 of Mingzhai Building from 11:45 to 13:15 on April 22.

Tingyi Wang, a DCS doctoral student of grade 2012, gave a presentation on his work Studies of Arab Countries’ Politics. Wang briefly introduced the polities and political structures in 23 Arab countries, deeply analyzed the development of Arab Spring Movement, and elaborated his paper The changes of Egypt’s status in the Arabic world after the World War II. Several participants expressed their opinions about the changes of Egypt’s status in Arab countries and kindly provided suggestions to improve his study of Arab Spring Movement and other relevant research.

Professor ZHANG Chuanjie, Director of DCS Program, hosted the lecture. 6 DCS doctoral students of grade 2012 and 4 DCS doctoral students of grade 2013 participated in this event.